Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

MB3 Foundation targeted 20 women in the villages to do Backyard Vermicompost. These 20 members agreed to do Vermi-Compost Organic Fertilizer in their back yards. MB3 Foundation provides all the materials, support, supervision and education. They are the branches from the main Vermi-Compost Plant. Those women has agreement to sell the raw fertiziler back to the MB3 Vermi-Compost plant for further process. They will make some extra cash each and every time they sale the product. Eventually the plan is to continuously enrolled more and more women to do the back yard Vermi-Compost Fertilizer.

MB3 Backyard Vermicompost Project for Women

MB3 Backyard Vermicompost Fertilizer Project: This Project targeted Women to bring their financial stability and helping sustainable food production by supplying Vermicompost Fertilized. They sell their raw Vermicompost to the MB3 Vermicompost Plant for further processing. This is a branch from main MB3 plant. MB3 foundation supply everything including education and technical support.

Shamsun Nahar Memorial Scholarship

This Memorial Scholarship encourage all the student to do their best, specially female students. This fund awards 2 female student and 2 male students every year from High school grades. Two Best Students: One Best Female Student, One Best Male Student. Worst to Best Performance: 2 students One male and one female students who performed poorly in S.S.C. pretest examination and then made significant improvement in final S.S.C. examination.

Female Students involvement in MB3 Education Projects

Female students are encouraged to participate equally in MB3 Education Project. MB3 foundation pay special attention to their attendance and participation with close collaboration with their parents.

Health Care for Women

MB3 Foundation brings poor patients, specially female patients who can not get health care because of poor knowledge and opportunity close to their home. MB3 Foundation periodically sponsors Free Health care camp and Free Cataract Surgery for the villagers.

MB3 Women Empowerment Project

MB3 Women Empowerment Project
Sponsored by : Dr. Rowsonara Akhter
Tala pozila, Satkhira, Khulna

Get Involved Donate A Project for Women

The MB3 Women Empowerment Project started with 4 women members at Tala, Satkhira . They asked to buy 4 cows for them. All of them had same dreams. The MB3 foundation brought their dreams come true by providing 4 cows to them. They promised to buy 1 cow to a new member from their profits at the end of 12 months. Project Name: MB3 Women Empowerment Project Project Location: Tala, Satkhira, Khulna Project Start Date: March 15, 2016 Sponsored by : MB3 Co-Founder (s) Dr. Swapna and her husband Dr. Tushar