We Are Different

They (NGO/Banks)  

We (MB3 Foundation)  

Money comes with High Interest.
Always Payback, Often with Force.
No direct Support (usually).

Money comes with no Interest (Donated) to Provide Business Projects.
No loans to Pay Back, No Interest Involved.
Always direct Support from MB3 Foundation.

Usually No networking to Support.

Networking among the members and villagers to support each other.

They Promised to make their Dreams Come True.

Make Profits from Borrowers.

MB3 Promised to make your Dreams Come True.
You Promised to make someone else's Dreams Come True.

Never make Profits from it's Members.

Borrowers are not involved in community development.

Members are always involved in community and education development.

Under Pressure: Sold kidney to Pay Back.(Read more)

No Pressure: Members Donate Back as they promised to make someone else's Dreams Come True.