Success Story : MB3 Education Project

There are many success stories in the short lifespan of MB3 Foundation. The MB3 Education Project is the most outstanding and unique of it's kind. It brought tremendous success and impacted hundreds of students and their families. The Mahmudpur High School wasn't known to the education board with any good standing academic performance before the MB3 Education Project started. This school was known as ordinary, bottom of the list compare to other schools in the Upozila. At the end of the first year of MB3 education project, the first SSC examination brought significant difference of the SSC examination results first time ever. The school almost never got A+ grade in SSC examination in it's life time. This time 5 students got A+ grades and overall 35 A grades out of 49 students participated in SSC examination. The education board declared the Mahmudpur High school best in Academic performance in the month of September, 2015. The foundation expanded the education activities and scholarship programs from Elementary, Middle and High School supporting 1000 students. Currently, there are 20 MB3 Education Projects by it's Co-founders in their local districts in Bangladesh. It is an ongoing success and you are welcome to join in the MB3 family and start MB3 education project in your hometown.

Success Story : MB3 Vermicompost Project

MB3 Vermicompost Project is a very successful project run by Rashed with the help of his father. Since he started the project, all the product sold out in advance. He supplies most of his fertilizer to MB3 Summer Tomato Project run by Bulu. Rashed is in fact helping you to eat organic and chemical free Tomatoes. MB3 Summer Tomato Project supplying formalin free tomatoes in the markets. You can buy MB3 Vermicompost Fertilizer on line from MB3 foundation website ( Get Involved and sponsor a MB3 Vermicompost Project to a family for life.