Mobilizing People to Build Financial Stability

Mobilizing People to build financial stability

MB3 small business project recruits people from villages to donate business projects matching with their expertise. There are different type of businesses donated to it's members and working with them around the clock to help them succeed in their businesses. The goal is to improve their buying power and then they can support their family and kids in school, housing, food and health care access etc. These members are supporting the MB3 education Projects and participating in education improvement and help building a educated new generation. MB3 foundation believe in loan and interest free suntainable business and financial growth to it's members. We can help you if you want to sopnsor any business to your people and get involve with MB3 foundation.

Saiful Store (Grocerry Shop-A Project of MB3 Foundation)

Saiful is another MB3 member who has small business project next to the MB3 Head Office in Charavita Bazar. He is actively involved in helping network farmers by supplying gasoline for the Power Tiller Project. He has Grocery (Mudi) shop where the network members shop for their daily needs.
He has no loans, no interest to pay. He is a worry free MB3 member running his business and doing very well. He Donate back to bring another member's dreams come true.

Modina Cloth & Garments Project (Garments Shop - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

The Modina Cloth and Garments Store is a small business project of MB3 foundation. This Project was sponsored by MB3 Cofounder Shafina Akhter from Dhaka.
Rintu is the life member of the foundation and donate back to the foundation from his business profits weekly to bring another person's dreams come true. He is supporting his family including his parents.

Mollah Traders ( Fertilizer Shop - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

Kabir has MB3 Fertilizer and Pesticides Business Project supporting network farmers around the villages.
He is a very active member and involve in the MB3 Education Project since his business in next to the school building. He has no loans, no interest to pay and worry free businessman.

Chandan Cycle Store (Cycle Store - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

Chandan is another MB3 member who own Garage and Repairing shop for small transportation vehicles in the villages. He could not buy welding machine before he became MB3 member. MB3 foundation made his dream come true. Currently, he has welding machine and all the modern machines and tools to do the job right.
He is a very hard working MB3. He is in "SHOPNO SHADHEEN 4" program member by choice. He pays more than life member weekly and will be free in 4 years by bringing another member's dream come true in 4 years.

Oise Mobile & Service Center ( Mobile Shop - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

MB3 Technology shop Project run by Shimul. He sells and repairs all kind of electronics including Mobile phones.
He also employed 2 workers in his shop. Network members can buy mobile phones with reasonable price from this shop.

Mohibullah Tailors (Tailors Shop - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

MB3 Tailoring Project is one of the small business Project. MB3 Tailor shop supply uniforms for the MB3 education projects with good price.
Mohibulla is in "SHOPNO SHADHEEN 10" program by choice. He pays more than life members weekly in order to bring another new member's dream come true in 10 years. He will be free in 10 years and will have no obligation to donate back to bring another person's dream come true.