Health Care Access

Health Care Access

MB3 foundation periodically sponsor free eye camp for cataract surgery and free health screening and treatment for both male and female patients. We provide health education to it's members and their family members specially their kids. The foundation wants it's members to make free decision about their health care need. We committed to improve their buying power and they will have more and free access to health care. They do not have to depend on free health care services if their buying power is improved. MB3 foundation believe in sustainable financial growth and sustainable solution of it's members health care need by improving their buying power.

MB3 Eye Camp - 2014

The Founder Visited Post Operative patients after free Cataract surgery. Those patient stay overnight in the MB3 education project building. This patient wanted to talk to me and appreciated because he got back his Vision. It was very happy and emotional moments for them.

MB3 Health Camp - 2014

This older person came very early to get in line first to make sure to see doctor free. MB3 periodically run free health care clinic for the villagers.
The patient and patient's family member wanted to talk to me. This patient came from miles away.
This patient came night before ready to sleep in the MB3 Education Project building for free cataract surgery.
He came with hope.
Still functioning independently at night time few hours after cataract surgery. I wanted too help him, He said "NO". He wanted to show his strength and independence.
Next morning before all the patients went home picture taken with the founder.