Founder's Message


" Moral Bank Moral Business
Where Dreams Come True."
This is Dr. Islam from the MB3 foundation. I am the Founder of the MB3 Foundation. The MB3 stand for Moral Bank Moral Business. Our slogan is Where Dreams Come true. This Foundation is a platform for you to help your people in your birth places. You may, already doing it in an unsustainable way with poor outcomes and frustration
I have message for all of you to know more about the MB3 foundation and it's Education, Women Empowerment and Small Business Projects and community activities. We promised to treat human as humanly possible. We do not provide loans, we do not collect interest or we do not built capitals from our members profits. We donate funds to build projects and businesses for the MB3 members and support them around the clock to make their businesses successful.
The MB3 foundation is open for all and it invites people like you who wants to help financially less fortunate people. I invite you to join in our Co-Founders and Advisers Circle and start helping your people you love and care in your areas.
The foundation will make you Co-Founder in your areas and help you building projects and businesses for your people. The foundation will do everything for you. The MB3 Projects and Businesses will be on your name and your people will know you as a donor and Co-Founder.
I invite you to explore all the projects, specially MB3 education projects. The education projects is the most successful and most rewarding so far. Currently, there are 20 MB3 Education Projects active in different districts of Bangladesh by the Co-Founders.
The foundation does not believe in loan giving to the poor people. So, there is no interest or capital gain. The members are worry free workers. They do not have to worry about high interest loans to pay back in time even though their businesses may not do well.
The foundation brings it's members dreams come true by providing projects matching with their expertise. The members promised to donate portion of their business profits back to the foundation to help new members bring their dreams come true.

Dr. Nazrul Islam
Founder, MB3 Foundation.