Education Improvement

MB3 Eduction Project

MB3 Education Project is a community education development project of the MB3 foundation and Moral Bank Moral Business Organization. The goal of the center is to provide all the students tuition free education before and after school hours. The education project is well equipped with modern computer technology provided by the MB3 foundation. This is a digital library equipped with all the necessary education materials and has easy and free access to all students. The teachers are actively involved providing extra help and support to the students to do their best in SSC examinations. The foundation provides stipend and financial incentive to the dedicated teachers. The stipends and financial incentives are tied with the students performance. More A+ grade brings more financial rewards to the teachers. The center also provides uniforms made by MB3 Foundation's members who has tailoring project through the foundation. The foundation provides books, note books, Pen, pencils and education related supplies as needed. The center also dedicated to provide computer education to the interested students around the villages in selected schools at this time. The center spends any profit drives from sales of uniforms and education related items back to the center and it's development and maintenance. The school committee, teachers, guardians and MB3 members all are involved and dedicated to bring more A+ grades. They follow the MB3 Education model and regularly report back to the MB3 CEO and Founder.

MB3 Foundation Teachers scholarship

MB3 Teachers Scholarship Project Sponsored by the Founder Dr. Islam in the MB3 central project in Jessore. The MB3 Cofounders sponsor MB3 education projects in their local schools respectively.
This project targeted the students in ninth and tenth grades to bring more A+ grades in SSC Examination.
The Headmaster is the leader of the teachers team. The teachers team follow the MB3 Education Model develop by the Founder. The teachers are actively involved in teaching all students preparing for the SSC examination each year.
The headmaster regularly reports educational activities to the Founder and sponsoring Cofounder and MB3 CEO.
The Teachers Scholarship money directly given to the teachers my the Foundation each year after SSC examination results published by the boards through a ceremony held by the Foundation.

Shamsun Nahar Memorial Scholarship

The MB3 Foundation Chairperson Sharmin Shemu sponsored the Best and Worst to Best Students Memorial Awards in memory of her mother.
The targeted students for the best student awards is all the students in this High School.
Targeted students for Worst to Best Students Awards are students who perform poorly in pretest for the SSC exam and then improved the most in the SSC examination same year.
This award given every year to 4 students. Total scholarship amount TK 10,000.00/year.

Abdul Malek Memorial Scholarship

The MB3 Cofounder from Dhaka district Dr. Ashraf Malek sponsored this memorial scholarship project in memory of his father.
Targeted students are all 5th grade students. This scholarship given every year to the students who will perform best and gets A+ grades in the JSC examination.
The total amount is variable ranging from TK 10,000.00 to TK 20, 000.00 per year will be divided amoung the A+ grade students.

Hosn-Ara Foundation Scholarship

The MB3 Cofounder Engr. Salahuddin Ahmed from district of Sylhet sponsored this scholarship from Principal Hosn-Ara Foundation.
Principal Hosn-Ara Ahmed born in the district of Sylhet, dedicated her life to girls education. During her childhood no Muslim girls were allowed to go to school or college, yet she was the second Muslim lady from Sylhet went to Kolkata University and earned Master Degree in 1940.
Principal Hosn-Ara Ahmed was the main driving force behind the establishment of Sylhet Women's College. She retired in 1983 after serving as Principal for almost 40 years in this College.
Targeted students are 8th graders who will perform extraordinary and brings A+ grades in JSC examination.

Teachers Page

Hello, I am Mojid Master from Mahmudpur High School speaking on behalf of all the teachers in this school. I supervised the MB3 Education Project in this school and work closely with MB3 CEO and it's Founder Dr. Nazrul Islam.
I also consult and advise all other MB3 Education Projects in different districts of Bangladesh. I work closely with all other headmasters who run MB3 Cofounders Education Projects.
We all the teachers are very proud of Dr. Islam's initiative of MB3 education Projects and taking great initiative to improve education and future of out children. We whish him good health and long life.

Rafiza Begum Memorial Student Welfare Fund

This fund is dedicated to help students who can not pay examination fees, buy books, uniforms and education related items in time.
MB3 Cofounder Mr. Manir Hossain from Comilla sponsored this project in memory of his mother (departed) Rafiza Begum.