Co-Founders and Advisors Message

Milad Khan : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Kishorgonj, Current Location: USA

My name is Milad Khan. I would like to be part of the MB3 project which was started by Dr. Nazrul Islam. I am a pharmacist living in USA from 1996. I am working in Drug Regulatory Affairs department at Johnson and Johnson, Raritan, New Jersey. Although I am living far from my country, but my heart is always resides back home missing my relatives, friends of my birthplace Kishoreganj. To do something for my birthplace and the people is always bugging me. When I came to know about MB3 project from Dr. Nazrul, I got really excited. I have decided to start with one project at Kishoreganj with the support of MB3. I will keep you posted with all the updates. read more

Dr. Golam Mostofa (Kanchan) : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Chandpur, Current Location: USA

I had a chance to review your program, MB3. I found it a very interesting community program. For the last 24 years I have been serving my community Hajigonj based Chandpur to help in many different ways for the education, schools, Mosque, and poor people, but it seems like it doesn't work as I would like it to work. I invested a lot of money in different sections as above. Eventually, the total outcome was not as satisfactory as I was looking for. It was an on going issue like you had, before you made MB3. I like your idea based on the MB3 policy is directly helping poor destitute who need financial help to continue their daily job to survive and help their family. Being a physician I would like to help the needy people start from Hajigonj based Chandpur not only helping the poor people, but also building the strength of education, health, and create culture of the strong morality for the people of Chandpur as well as Bangladesh. I like the principal of MB3 and helping by contributing and donating to expand the program as one of the Co-founders of MB3 based Chandpur.soon

Dr. Ashraf Malek : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Dhaka, Current Location: USA

My name is Dr. Ashraf Malek. I am working as a Transplant Hepatologist at Lourdes Medical Associates in Southern New Jersey. I completed my medical graduation in Bangladesh from Sir Salimullah Medical College. I came to USA after my graduation, completed my licensing exam, training and fellowship. It has been 9 years I am working as a Transplant Hepatologist. More importantly, I always have dream from my childhood to devote my time, education and my experience for the human well being of my fellow Bangladeshi, especially for poor people. I am generally a very emotional person. Even now, whenever I watch an emotional movie where there are stories of deprived people, these bring tears on my eyes. Since I moved to New Jersey, I met lot of very nice people. One of them is Dr. Nazrul, who shares the same feeling and thought. In fact, he is one step ahead of me and have already start the journey to help people, I would rather say, help make their dreams true. “Moral Bank Moral Business” is an exceptionally brilliant idea, which attracted me like a magnet. I strongly felt that this is the kind of idea and innovation that will make everybodies dream true. My goal would be to help the deprived to become independent, help improve the education of the all the deprived children, so that they become one the top students in the nation and succeed in life. I would also like to help people to enhance our agriculture industry. I hope I am not asking too much or hoping too much. My earnest request to you all, please join with me and “Lets make the dream come true”

Engr.Salahuddin Ahmed : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Sylhet, Current Location : USA

Born in Dhaka, Engr Salahuddin Ahmed is the elder son of Dr. Shaheed Shamsuddin and Principal Hosn-Ara Ahmed. The family is originally from Sylhet. Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed is one of the founder members of the Hosn-Ara Foundation and Shaheed Shamsuddin Trust Fund.
He is an Engineering Specialist and employed by a foreign company. He is also involved with numerous social activities such as:
a. Masjid Management Committee
b. Education of underprivileged children
c. Award and Scholarship program for talented college and Medical students and teachers.
d. Involved in a number of Cultural Organizations

"I was inspired by Dr. Nazrul, the founder of MB3 when he mentioned the great success of the students in scoring golden GPA. At that point I decided to help MB3 to further the effort to such a level that it would impact the society as a whole and eventually the whole nation Insha-Allah.
I am confident that MB3, with Dr. Nazrul's leadership will succeed to flourish the community with bounteous positive virtues and educate the children so that they can have a respectable life." -Salahuddin Ahmed.

Shafina Akhter: Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Jesore, Current Location : Dhaka

MB3 Cofounder Shafina Akhter from Akij Group Donated a business project named Madina Cloth Store in Jessore.

Manir Hossain : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Chandina, Comilla, Current Location : USA

I am Mr. Mohammed Manir Hossain. I earned my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Master of Science (M.Sc) in Mathematics from the University of Dhaka. I live in New Jersey, USA since 1995 and since then I have been involved in garments sector as an importer and manufacture of clothing. I have experience working with reputed USA companies importing garments in the USA and I have been importing and supplying garments to various USA enterprises successfully for more than a decade. We have very good community of friends, one of my very best friends Dr. Nazrul Islam. I have known him for the last 10 years. He is very smart and honest dedicated. Personally I’m honored to be doing this project on behalf of Dr. Nazrul Islam at comilla my father home town.

Sk. Aziz Uddin : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Jessore, Current Location : Dhaka

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Sheikh Zillur Rahman: Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Jessore, Current Location : Dhaka

The activities of MB3 Foundation attract me as it works for socio-economic development in an organized manner. As a founder you have done an excellent job; the initiatives you have taken are simply superb; I believe it will go beyond under your dynamic leadership. I love to contribute in such type of works within my scope. In future, I hope, the scope of MB3 foundation will be more visible and wider in the area where people need. Green initiatives like plantation, chemical/poison free foods and vegetable, irrigation aid for the farmers, promote local trade and handicrafts etc program can be added.

Engr. Anowar Hossain : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Jhenidah, Current Location : Dubai, UAE

Md Anowar Hossain was born in Jhenaidah on 1975. He received the Bachelor and Masters degree of electrical engineering from Dhaka University of Engineering Technology(DUET) 2001 and 2009 respectively. In 1999, he joined Power Development Board(PDB) as an assistant shift in charge at Ashuganj Power Station Complex. In 2003, he joined Power Grid Company of Bangladesh ltd(PGCB) as an Shift in charge of National Load Despatch Centre(NLDC), Dhaka. Now he is working Dubai Electricity and Water Authority(DEWA), as an engineer system control since 2009.

Alhaj professor Dr. Major (Retd) Anwar Husain : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Ullapara, Sirajganj, Current Location : Dhaka

I, Mr. Major (Retd) Dr. Anwar Husain from Sirajgonj, Bangladesh at present living in Dhaka. After completing secondary & higher secondary education from Rajshahi Govt School and College ( 1980 & 1982), I got admitted in Chittagong Medical College in 1983. I was graduated (MBB) in January '89 from CMC with regular batch, underwent post graduate training (Dermatology & Medicine ) in the then IPGM&R. Then I joined in Army Medical corps. I earned my post graduate degrees from the University of Dhaka and Bangladesh College of Physician & Surgeons.
At present, I am serving as a Head of the department Dermatology & Venereology in Ibn Sina Medical College, Dhaka.
Dr. Nazrul is my bosom friend since our student life. He recently visited Bangladesh from USA & I was inspired to be co-founder of MB3 ( in my home village ) which is now a dynamic social remodeling project founded by him. I feel proud of my friend Dr. Nazrul.

Dr. Md. Elias : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Lalmonirhat, Current Location : USA

" I am Dr. Elias was born in Hatibandha, Lalmonirhat, an upazila located at the tips of north Bangal. After completing my school from Hatibandha and graduating from University of Dhaka, I moved to Japan for higher studies. Currently, I am living in USA and working at a biotech company ( List Biological Laboratories, Campbell, California, USA ) as a senior Research Scientist in the field of drug development and infectious diseases. As a Bangladeshi by birth, I always felt obligation to serve for my birth place. Although Bangladesh is growing albeit in a slow pace, economic freedom is beyond the reach of poor people especially widowed women and children in the rural area. MB3 platform is a wonderful socio economic structure to help poor and deprived people and motivate them to become self-dependent. Dr. Nazrul Islam took a very nice initiative to bring people under one umbrella who want to do something for these needy people. I am proud to be a co-founder of MB3 and work for my native land."

Rowsonara Akhter, M.D. (Swapna) : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : SatKhira, Khulna, Current Location : USA

My name is Rowsonara Akhter. I am working as a Geriatrician/Internal Medicine at Lourdes Medical Associates in South New Jersey, USA. I completed my medical graduation in Bangladesh from Sher-e-Bangla Medical College under Dhaka University. I came to the USA after my graduation, completed my medical licensing examinations, training and Fellowship. I always dreams of Bangladesh becoming self sufficient. That will not be possible without helping the most needy people at the remote areas in the villages of Bangladesh. Most importantly I want to see the happy faces of the rural and poor people of Bangladesh and it will not be possible without financial freedom. I also cherish the same dreams of the founder of MB3 foundation Dr. Nazrul Islam. Let's people train "HOW TO CATCH FISH". In that regard "MORAL BANK MORAL BUSINESS" is an exceptionally brilliant idea, which make me very enthusiastic. I strongly felt that this is the kind of idea and innovation that will brings everybody's dreams come true. My goal is be to help the deprived people. We can bring their dreams come true and give them a sustainable and financially stable life for ever through MB3 Foundation. I am asking all the people to come together and work together as a MB3 Family so that we can make Bangladesh the most prosperous nation and make all the people very happy.

Md. Alamgir : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town Chittagong, Current Location : USA

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Professor Dr. ANM Naushad Khan : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation,
Home Town : Kishorganj, Current Location : Kisorganj

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Mohammed Faruque Ahamed (Babul) : Co-Founder of MB3 Foundation.
Home Town : Sandwip, Current Location : USA

I, Mohammed Farruque Ahamed, Born in Sandwip, Chittagong, Bangladesh. At present, living in New Jersey, USA. I got my S.S.C. Diploma Certificate from Musapur B. Z. High School and then completed college from Chittagong City College. I am the Founder and President of Prima Brothers Inc. My Company/Corporation/Organization consist of MSB Services, such as MG, WU, Placid and also Halal meat Market and Restaurant. Everything that I have accomplished, I believe , I can share my wisdom and experiences to help people in Bangladesh who are less fortunate financially. I made the most of my opportunities to become where I am now. My story will inspire you to transcend and become better than what's expected. I would like to be part of the MB3 foundation which was started by Dr. Nazrul Islam. I always have dreams to help poor people in Bangladesh in the field of Education and other aspects of their lives. I like to thank Dr. Nazrul for implementing his brilliant ideas through "Moral Bank Moral Business" Projects which inspired me to join in The MB3 Foundation as a Co-Founder in my birth place Sandwip. Finally, I am confident that Dr. Nazrul's leadership will bring big success in the future for new generation of Bangladesh, In-Sha Allah.

Md. Jahidul Islam FCA