Agriculture & Food Security

Agriculture & Food Security

MB3 foundation has Summer Tomato Projects located in the Village of Rustompor, Jessore. This sustainable Summer Tomato Projects produce chemical free, formalin free tomatoes all year around. The members main target is to produce summer tomatos. There are seven (7) members actively engaged in this Project and supporting their family members and kids. They use Vermicompost Fertilizer (Organic) in their farming to produce tomatos. They get the Vermicompost Fertilizer from another MB3 member who has MB3 Vermicompost Fertilizer project. They sell their produce mainly in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. You can buy their tomatoes locally and online from MB3 Foundation website and have the gaurantee of chemical and formalin free produce. MB3 foundation believe in sustainable food production and committed to the summer tomato projects If you are interested to do it or sponsor local farmers, please contact us and we will help you to do it.

MB3 Vermicompost Fertilizer Poject (A Project of MB3 Foundation)

MB3 Vermicompost Project in Annual Exhibition organized and invited by the National Agriculture Exhibition, 2014.

MB3 Summer Tomato Project (A Project of MB3 Foundation)

This is MB3 Summer Tomato Project. Team Leader is Mr. Bulu. 7 MB3 members involved in this projects.
They Produce Chemical free, formalin free Tomatoes and sell their produce locally and nationally.

MB3 Power Tiller Project ( A Project of MB3 Foundation)

Robotic Zia runs MB3 Power Tiller Project and serving more than 400 villagers His name is Robotic Zia because he works all night and day tirelessly during the pick season.
He is very hard working and dedicated MB3 member

Mollah Traders ( Fertilizer Shop - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

Another MB3 member has small business shop for Fertilizers, Pesticides, Cements and gasoline for the network farmers.

MB3 Backyard Vermicompost Fertilizer Project (A Project of MB3 Foundation)

This is Faruk, dedicated and hard working MB3 member works in the MB3 Vermicompost Fertilizer.
He has epilepsy (Seizure Disorder), He can't work near water or unsupervised. I have been treating him since I was in 5th year in Medical School. His seizure is under control at this time.
He can build a Vermicompost Project for you.

Vai Vai Tomato Vander ( Tomato Shop - A Project of MB3 Foundation)

This is Bulu's Vai Vai Tomato Vander Shop. He processes all the tomatoes from all 7 MB3 members and contact with buyers around the country. Most of the time buyers send trucks to the project shop to get produce. At times, one of the members goes to Dhaka, Sylhet or in Chittagong with Tomato sample and get contract for price and then send tomatoes.
This is local almost unknown organic produce. If it attract you, contact us through Get Involved or call MB3 CEO.