About MB3

Currently, MB3 foundation are in full swings in the district of Jessore. There are more than 54 members have projects and supporting their families and kids education, food, health care etc. MB3 members created many jobs in their projects and supporting many more families.
The MB3 field manager directly work with the members around the clock. The foundation provide all the supports including needed counseling and guidance. The foundation constantly working to develop network among the members and community people.
The MB3 Education Project supporting more than 1000 students in the school in the village of Mahmudpur, Jessore. The education center is a digital modern place to study and help to prepare students for the board exams. it is a tuition free education center for all the students. The foundation provides all the needed uniforms, books, computer teaching to the students in the education center with lower than regular market prices and free for the poor students. The education center spend all the profits it makes towards education and support of the Center.

If you are interested to become MB3 Foundation's Cofounder and help your people, school and education, Please come forward to know more and make the best decision in your life as I did 5 years ago. MB3 believes "NO MORE FISH, ONLY CHIP TO CATCH FISH" It works trust me and trust on yourself.