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Dr. Nazrul Islam

Dr. Nazrul Islam

Co-Founders and Advisors

  • "When we first came to know about MB3 Foundation from it's founder Dr. Nazrul Islam, We were immediately moved by it's mission and proven success of helping rural Bangladesh in a very non-traditional way. We have been looking for any opportunities to help the less fortunate people in Bangladesh, especially in remote villages where no good resources are available to students and teachers Our achievements were recognized through different scholarship programs and rewards, but we think our teachers didn't get the proper recognition they deserved. We have been impressed by the recent successes of the education projects by MB3. With teachers' scholarship program, MB3 foundation has not only recognized and rewarded the teachers, but also challenged the students to reach to the top."

    Engr. Ahmed Ashraf and Nargis Ashraf Polly

  • "My name is Mustafizur Rahman. I am originally from Patuakhali, Bangladesh. I completed my Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from BUET. Then worked around 8 years in the telecommunication industry in Grameen Phone, Bangladesh. I also completed my MBA from Dhaka University. Since I moved here in South Jersey, I met many great people and Dr. Nazrul Islam is one of them. Every time I met him, I found him dedicated and devoted to help the poor by his organization MB3 foundation. Even I found all the great people here in this South Jersey community are involved directly/indirectly supporting MB3 foundation as well as Dr. Nazrul Islam. Moreover, I saw lot of excellent example where poor people got benefited by taking support from MB3 Foundation. As I born and grown up my childhood in a local town, Patuakhali, I saw poverty closely. It could happen to me but I am fortunate that I didn't face that hardship. So I bear this always in my mind and wherever I get chance I try to extend my hand for the needy people of my home town."

    Engr. Mustafizur Rahman

  • "My name is M.M. Hossain, Born in Dhaka, I studied at Dhaka University M.Sc. (Mathematics). I am the second oldest son of Late MD. Al Hazi Abdur Sattar. I came to US 22 years ago and decided to run my own business. I have a Garments buying house since 2005 and till date I am successfully operation it.
    I came to touch with Dr. Nazrul Islam something back and could identify myself with the work he is doing at MB3. I think that the work Dr. Islam has taken on his shoulders will bring people of different religious, race together irrespective of their gender. His support to school kids will help them to increase their score. This will also give the kids self respect and recognition in our complex social system. MB3 with Dr. Islam's help will teach the children ethics of social behavior, togetherness and support. This in turn will improve quality of their lives and the lives of people around them.
    I support Dr. Islam and request others will come forward and support his cause."

    M. Manir Hossain

  • "My name is Dr. Ashraf Malek. I am working as a Transplant Hematologist at Lourdes Medical Associates in Southern New Jersey. Since I moved to New Jersey, I met lot of very nice people. One of them is Dr. Nazrul Islam, who shares the same feeling and thought. In fact, he is one step ahead of me and have already started the journey to help people, I would rather say, help make their dreams true.
    Moral Bank Moral Business is an exceptionally brilliant idea, which attracted me like a magnet. I strongly felt that this is the kind of idea and innovation that will make every bodies dreams come true. My goal would be to help the deprived to become independent, help improve the education of the all deprived children, so that they become one the top students in the nation and succeed in life. I would also like to help people to enhance our agriculture industry. I hope I am not asking too much or hoping to much. My earnest request to you all, please join with me and lets make the dream come true."

    Dr. Ashraf Malek
    Lourdes Medical Associates

MB3 at a Glance

60Total Co-Founders

6,800Total population Supported

2,950,000Total MB3 Donation

20,000,000Total Founder's Donation

750,000Total Co-Founders Donation

350,000Total Members Donation

17Total Education Projects

6,780Total Students Supported

170Total Teachers Supported

500,000Total Scholarships Money Rewarded

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